Holiday 2023 Ginger Leigh Collection

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Immerse yourself in the festive spirit with the unique Holiday Collection from Ginger Leigh Designs.

Each piece in this exquisite range is a testament to the artistry and heart Ginger Leigh pours into her work. Handcrafted with dedication and precision, these one-of-a-kind art pieces are designed to bring warmth and joy to your holiday season.

Craftsmanship: From the initial brushstroke to the final touch, Ginger Leigh herself meticulously shapes every detail of her creations. By employing a harmonious blend of rich acrylic paints and tactile gel mediums, she brings each piece to life on a sturdy wood canvas, giving the artwork a rustic yet refined character that resonates with the coziness of the holidays.

Limited Availability: Ginger Leigh believes in the magic of exclusivity. Therefore, each art piece is part of a limited series, ensuring that your decor stands out with an original flair that can't be replicated. The rarity of each piece adds to its charm, making it not just a decorative element but a treasure that holds its allure for seasons to come.

Pre-Order Now: As every Ginger Leigh piece is handcrafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, we are pleased to announce that they are available for pre-order. Secure your piece of the holiday enchantment now, and be among the select few to showcase Ginger Leigh's holiday art in your home.

Shipping Information: The anticipation for holiday cheer begins early, and so does the journey of your Ginger Leigh artwork. Pre-ordered pieces will commence shipping on November 30, 2023, ensuring plenty of time for your art to arrive and to be displayed during the most wonderful time of the year.

Don't miss this opportunity to adorn your space with the allure of Ginger Leigh's handcrafted holiday art. Pre-order now and let these bespoke creations be a part of your festive celebration, year after year.