Beauty Collection

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Ginger Leigh's Beauty Series is a captivating collection of mixed media paintings that breathe new life into vintage paper ephemera. Each piece in the series is constructed on repurposed pages from antique music books, manuscripts, and other aged documents measuring 11" x 14". 

Upon these timeworn canvases, Ginger Leigh conjures an array of elegant feminine figures reminiscent of bygone eras. Her subjects are rendered in a variety of mediums including acrylic paint, lush oil pastels, delicate pen work, and vibrant gouache. They exude an old-world glamor, garbed in stylish dresses and fashionable swimwear of days past.

The Beauty Series pays homage to feminine pulchritude across the decades while elevating discarded relics to treasured art objects. Ginger Leigh's unique creativity gives new purpose to forgotten tomes as she preserves fragments of history within portraits brimming with timeless grace and sophistication.